Unlocking Maximum Value from Your Tokens: A Guide to Optimizing stXP Earnings for TON Holders

3 min readOct 19, 2023

bemo is your simple tool for staking on the TON blockchain. Using bemo liquid staking, you can stake your TON and get stTON tokens in return. These stTON tokens can be utilized within the DeFi space.

For those staking TON tokens and seeking higher returns through bemo’s incentive program, there are easy ways to enhance your staking experience points (stXP) in the TON DeFi ecosystem.

Whether you’re a long-term holder, an active trader, or a liquidity provider, there’s a potential to enhance the stXP earnings tailored to every activity profile.

Accumulating stXP: Tailored Strategies for Every TON Participant

1. The Art of Holding:

Patience is not just a virtue in the DeFi space, and it’s often handsomely rewarded. For stTON token holders, the simplest strategy to accrue stXP is to hold your tokens in your wallet. As the clock ticks, your stXP grows. Particularly for bigger holders intending to retain their stTONs over extended periods, bonus multipliers amplify their stXP.

This tactic is a prime fit for those with big stTON holdings or users preferring a passive interaction with the DeFi.

2. Providing Liquidity:

For a more experienced DeFi user, providing liquidity might be an optimal path. Contributing to the stTON/TON pool can increase stXP twofold — by holding the tokens, providing liquidity, and additionally from trading fees of the pool.

This method is ideal for active DeFi users and those who want to maximise the TON position APY.

Read our Guide to Liquidity Provision.

3. Active Trading:

For the DeFi enthusiasts who thrive on frequent trading and prefer not to hold stTON tokens for the long haul, there’s still a rewarding strategy. Active trading allows you to earn stXP for every minted stTON and each swap on DEXs.

Swap your stTON for TON and stake again!

Navigating Your Strategy

While the above strategies are clear, they’re not one-size-fits-all. Unique views and goals may define a completely personalized strategy. DeFi experiments are a key to discovering the most rewarding approach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Minting vs. Holding: Which offers more advantages?

Minting stTON hands, you stXP instantaneously. However, the art of holding your tokens ushers in a continuous growth of stXP over time — a potential for greater rewards in the long run.

Should I unstake my stTONs or sell them?

Selling your stTON on a DEX tends to be more advantageous. This route not only earns you stXP but converts your stTON to TON immediately, avoiding the up to 72-hour cooldown period associated with unstaking in the app.

Is it more profitable to hold or provide liquidity?

The answer hinges on your stTON quantity. Large holders may find greater stXP yields by just holding, courtesy of active multipliers. Conversely, medium to small stTON holders might witness more substantial stXP gains through liquidity provision.

The DeFi space demands both strategic engagement and informed decision-making. By understanding and leveraging these stXP optimization strategies, TON token holders of any size stand to thrive and lead in this digital finance revolution. Embrace the strategy that resonates with you and watch your stXP multiply.

Do your own research and always measure the risks taken.
Not financial advice.




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