stXP Explained: Maximizing Earnings with bemo

2 min readSep 20, 2023



Unlock the potential of stXP tokens by engaging with stTON in multiple ways, including staking, holding, swapping, and liquidity provisioning. Whether you’re a long-term holder or an active trader, there’s a strategy to maximize your stXP rewards for every user profile.
Supported DEXs for trading and liquidity, including deDust,, Optus, and Megaton.


Welcome to the exciting world of stXP tokens!

bemo is the pioneering liquid staking platform on the TON blockchain, simplifying TON staking like never before. stXP tokens are an integral part of our Incentive Reward Program.

Think of stXP as the gaming currency for the stTON world. Each stXP you earn is a piece of the upcoming $BMO airdrop. Earning stXP is easy: stake, hold, or swap stTON. And if you’re planning to hold a lot of stTON for a while, get ready for extra rewards.

You can always check your stXP balance in the app. The result will be updated once an hour.

Ways to farm stXP

Mint stTON

Got some TON tokens? Great! Deposit them into bemo to mint stTON. We’ll give you 1 stXP for each TON you deposit.

This doesn’t include purchasing stTON on secondary markets.

Hold stTON

The simplest way to earn stXP is by holding your stTON. Your stXP balance will naturally grow day by day.

Whether you mint, buy, or receive stTON, all these actions will count for holding. However, if you sell or transfer your stTON to someone else, those tokens will no longer contribute to your stXP balance.

Swap stTON on DEXs

When you swap stTON for TON on DEXs, you’ll earn stXP. The more you trade, the more stXP you collect.

Supported DEXs: deDust,, Optus, Megaton.

Provide Liquidity with stTON

We reward you with stXP when you provide liquidity using stTON. Pool your stTON on supported DEXs to earn staking income, trading fees, DEX tokens, and additional stXP. You’ll earn stXP both for holding stTON and providing liquidity, giving you a double benefit.

Supported DEXs for Liquidity: deDust,, Optus, Megaton.

Multiplier Magic

The amount of stXP you collect will depend on the size and the duration of your stTON holding or liquidity provisioning. The more you hold stTON and the longer you hold it, the more you earn stXP.

Maximize Your stXP

You’re not limited in your actions. You can simply hold stTON and earn stXP or pool on a DEX to earn even more stXP. You can also trade stTON and earn stXP based on your trading volume. Craft your own strategy to maximize your stXP earnings.

Make your moves, and let the stXP rewards roll in!





The first liquid staking platform on the TON blockchain.