Earning Extra Yield in TON DeFi: A Simplified Guide to Liquidity Provision with bemo!

2 min readOct 2, 2023


Welcome to the world of TON DeFi, where every TON holder and investor can earn extra returns without taking on extra risks — no directional bets, just pure rewards. If you’re ready to earn more while simply holding your TON, here’s a straightforward, step-by-step guide to get you started with bemo!

Introduction to Liquidity Provision

Liquidity provision, while a standard feature in DeFi, is now accessible to TON holders, offering an opportunity to amplify your earnings! By engaging in liquidity pools on DEX, TON holders can reap the benefits of enhanced yields and a portion of transaction fees from a stable pool. stTON/TON, a stable pool, allows TON holders to maximize their yield efficiently!

Step 1: Navigate to bemo DeFi Benefits Page

Head to the bemo app DeFi Benefits page.

Here, you’ll find a list of strategies that can help you earn extra yield. Simply put, it’s where you make your TON work smarter for you!

Step 2: Provide Liquidity on DEX

In ‘Liquidity Pools,’ select ‘Provide Liquidity’ on DeDust.

Providing liquidity in this pool can earn you around 5% APY as of now.

Understanding the Protection

Providing liquidity in a stable pool stTON/TON, you are protected from volatility in two significant ways:

  1. Within a stable pool, the liquidity is distributed in a more concentrated manner. That means low volatility and slippage, no matter the pool balance.
  2. stTON price is guaranteed by the application. That means if the proportion of your stTONs and TONs provided to the DEX changes, you can always rebalance it, changing the outstanding stTONs or TONs in the bemo app. The exchange rate in the app reflects the actual stTON rate and is backed by TONs locked in the app plus the accrued staking reward.

On top of these rewards, bemo offers additional incentives.

To summarize, with Bemo, you not only hold TON to earn staking rewards but also enjoy commissions on DEX while protected from excessive volatility. It’s an efficient approach to managing your investment in TON.

Take advantage of TON DeFi with bemo, bemo smart!

For more detailed insights and assistance, feel free to connect with our community manager through our official channel and the bemo app.

Do your own research and always measure the risks taken.
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