bemo x Tonlink AMA Recap

4 min readJun 14, 2024


From our CIS community to our global fam! We got an exciting first-hand introduction to Tonlink, the first oracle network on the TON blockchain, in the talk with Konstantin Klyuchnikov, the founder of Tonlink Labs.

We covered everything from the basics of oracles, to TL token utility, and who benefits from Tonlink’s services. Stay tuned what exciting opportunities bemo x Tonlink partnership brings to our community.

Let’s dive into the highlights!

Part 1: New to Tonlink? Here’s What You Need to Know

Q.: Give us a brief intro to Tonlink? What’s special about your protocol?

Briefly, Tonlink is an oracle framework that connects the blockchain to the outside world. We help bring off-chain data into the TON blockchain and its smart contracts.

Our goal is simple: to offer developers a convenient and simple way to integrate all types of external data into their applications.

Unlike other similar solutions like RedStone and Pyth, which support multiple blockchains, Tonlink is laser-focused on the TON blockchain. So we prioritize top-level services for TON developers specifically.

Q.: For context, what’s the role of oracles in blockchain in general? What problems does Tonlink solve specifically?

Blockchains are awesome and powerful but they have some limitations. They only know the data that is within their system — the blockchain itself.

Oracles are systems that help provide external inputs and off-chain computations that aren’t possible on the blockchain.

If a smart contract needs any type of external data to function properly (weather, stocks, anything, basically) it needs an oracle.

Tonlink is building different oracles networks that provide different services: off-chain price feeds, asset reserves information — potentially all types of data from different sources.

This kind of service is critical for a lot of applications, especially in DeFi. Imagine a decentralized exchange (DEX) needing the best trading pair prices; it can rely on Tonlink’s price feeds for accurate data from various exchanges.

Ultimately, we aim to cater to the needs of every protocol or developer on TON.

Q.: How Does Tonlink Work Technically? Please share any benefits of this architecture

Tonlink uses a push-based system adopted by Chainlink that we feel fits well with the TON blockchain.

Users holding a certain amount of TL (Tonlink)tokens can become validators. These validators, basically computers that provide data to the oracle, periodically push updates on-chain.

Our system collects this data and calculates the average value and the spread. Validators who provide data within an acceptable range are rewarded. Incorrect data providers get penalized. The rewards come from the fees paid by users of our service.

What are the benefits?


All calculations are performed on-chain, making the process verifiable

Ease of Integration

Any protocol can integrate and use Tonlink with minimal effort. Users can request data and get results by sending a single transaction.


Plus, we’re working on a delegated participation system, where any TL token holder can stake their funds to any data providers on Tonlink and get a portion of their rewards without spinning up their own validator. This feature will be accessible through a Telegram bot, so even more accessible.

Q.: Who is Tonlink made to benefit the most? Any benefits for regular users?

The service itself is tailored for developers but regular users can also get in on the action and start earning for their contribution.

Firstly, becoming a validator is incentivized with rewards. Secondly, users contributing via delegation will earn their portion as well, especially as Tonlink grows.

So, everyone in the community can participate and find their benefits.

Part 2: Future Plans and Hot Insights

Q.: How does the collaboration with Bemo contribute to your goals?

Our partnership with bemo is all about providing accurate and reliable data.

Plus, a hot take: we’re eventually planning to move from oracle stage to restaking and data validation.

This will allow performing computations borrowing the security from liquid staking and use it to aggregate more diverse data.

This will make it a unique solution for TON, a complex but necessary technology but beneficial for the network.

Q: Sounds like some benefits for bemo and Tonlink Users as well?

Right. This will bring a system similar to EigenLayer to TON. For users, it will add the option to stake tokens other than LT, for example bemo’s stTON, to Tonlink. So bemo users can expect additional income opportunities from this partnership.

For Tonlink, though, using the security guarantees provided by restaking, will ensure more reliable and secure data aggregations.

Q: Apart from that, what’s next on the agenda?

We’ve got a packed schedule ahead:

Nearest plans are:

  • Launching a public testnet to give users an opportunity to try out our service and see how works;
  • Adding a detailed documentation;
  • Open sourcing our contracts;
  • Tonlink token presale is also on the horizon.

For Q3, we plan a token launch, public mainnet launch, and more partnerships are definitely coming. We promise not to keep our community waiting!

Q.: Any Plans for Expansion to Other Blockchains?

It’s a bit too early to make these plans. We’re just at the beginning of our journey. Right now, we’re fully focused on making the most of TON and for TON.

Q.: Here’s a community question: What is the ETA for the developer accelerator program?

So, we’re planning to allocate $4 million worth of TL tokens as rewards for developers who create and implement innovative applications or solutions using Tonlink’s technology.

We’ll have to wait until Tonlink’s core infrastructure is fully operational, so this grant program will not begin until after Tonlink’s mainnet launch.

Q.: Finally, what’s in store for bemo x Tonlink? More marketing activities?

We love the bemo protocol and the team, so we definitely expect more joint activities. Exciting times ahead for both Tonlink and bemo communities!

That means one thing — more announcements are coming your way so stay tuned on X and Telegram! Thanks for following along with our AMA recap.




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